Terminus The Bright Tote 3.0 - Black

Terminus The Bright Tote 3.0 - Black

  • Brand: Terminus
  • Product Code: T06-470LAP-01
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The BRIGHT TOTE 3.0 is a lady tote bag featuring integrated mini LED lights, enabling users to find their keys, glasses, make-up, bottles, MP3 player or mobile phone quickly, even in the dark. The light turns on or off automatically when the handbag's zipper is opened or closed. Included is also a detachable pouch for storing coins, tissues and credit cards.

> An executive-inspired tote bag with a built-in bright warm LED.
> Zipper closure that has a magnetic sensor that switches on the LED to help searching for things in the dark.
> Organized front pockets for quick access to mobile phone, note pad, bottle and umbrella.
> Spacious inner pockets for your personal belongings and accessories.
> A soft, velvety sleeve that can hold a 13” laptop or tablet.
> Detachable pouch for storing coins, credit card, name cards and tissue.
> Cross-body shoulder strap for added convenience and flexibility.
> Uses 2pcs light weight AAA battery to power the LED.

Fashion Nylon

SIZE (W x H x D) :
15.5" x 12.5" x 4"
39.5cm x 32cm x 10.2cm

± 900 grams

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